Progress Play Casinos Accepting PaySafeCard

Paysafecard is an ever popular online payment system which is particularly practical for online casino players. It is accepted by most casinos and is always provided as a deposit option on Progress Play casino sites.

What is PaySafeCard?

One of the major reasons behind this popularity is its unique properties: it is a pre-payment card which can be used even if the owner does not have any formal banking arrangements. This quality is unique to Paysafecard: all the others require credit, identity or other official checks before they can be used. Within the United Kingdom, opening a new bank or credit account requires customers to give proof of address and also proof of the right to reside in the UK. If you are homeless, sofa surfing, or live in temporary accommodation, this will be difficult if not impossible to provide. When opening a credit account, credit checks will be undertaken. Even if you fulfil all the criteria above, there are many other circumstances which will prevent you from gaining a credit card. For example, a poor or non-existent credit record; current or previous debt problems such as a County Court Judgement (CCJ), or a bankruptcy could count against any application. These are just some examples of how it is possible to be unable to access formal banking arrangements. Being unable to do this can lead on to many further problems. It is difficult to find employment when most employers expect to be able to pay their staff by some kind of automated payment scheme (usually BACS) direct into a personal bank account. Finding a deposit for renting accommodation, or paying utility bills once a tenancy is achieved will also be very difficult – almost all such payments will usually be made online. And this leads on to a further issue: online shopping is very difficult to do if you cannot use a credit or debit card. Of course, there are many electronic payment systems which could in theory be used instead. But you have to load these accounts with cash somehow. Some require a link to a bank or credit account, and almost all will require you to upload funds by some such method. Also, even if it is possible find a way to do this, how is it possible to withdraw any funds you may have, if you can’t download your money to an official real world account?

Paysafecard – An Online Payment Solution

Paysafecard can provide a solution in some of these circumstances. This is because it operates as a pre-payment system, enabling you to pay by using a card which you can buy for cash. You can then use this to pay for goods and services online. Unfortunately, Paysafecard cannot solve all the problems listed above – you cannot generally pay your rent using it, nor your electric and gas bill. But at least you will be able to shop online, something which is generally considered to be an essential part of modern life in the 21st Century. Paysafecard – How Does it Work Exactly? Each Paysafecard has its own unique 16 digit PIN, which you can use to make payments at the checkout of any participating online stores or for an online service. You just tap or click on the Paysafecard icon, provide the PIN and the payment is made. What makes Paysafecard especially practical is that you can buy them just about anywhere. They are available to buy in at least fifty different countries, at over 650,000 different stockists worldwide. They can also be bought in around twenty five alternative currencies, so Paysafecard really can be used to buy just about anything, anywhere online. Within the United Kingdom, there are thousands of places which sell Paysafecard. You can buy them on any high street, where stores like WH Smith, Poundland and others sell them over the counter. Supermarkets like ASDA and some Co-ops also stock them. Another option is any store which displays the yellow Pay Point (PP) symbol. These include post offices, so there really are thousands spread throughout the nation. Away from towns and cities, many newsagents, neighbourhood stores and corner shops sell Paysafecard. These include major chains like McColl’s and One Stop. Some petrol stations also sell them. With all these venues throughout the country selling Paysafecard, you are rarely far away from a participating retailer. In towns and cities, it can be just yards, in villages may be a little further, but even in the most rural locations it is unlikely to be more than a few miles. Paysafecard can be bought in a number of convenient denominations. These start from just £10, with additional values up to a maximum of £100 available at all stockists. Additionally, at Pay Point retailers, higher value cards of up to £175 can be purchased. They are really flexible too. You can add cards together for higher value purchases, and you don’t have to spend the entire value in one go either. You don’t get change from a Paysafecard, but any unused balance on the card can be used for a later transaction. Paysafecard is generally free to use. There is no charge to pay when you use it to make payments online. Instead, the vendor is charged a small commission when accepting your payment. There is no commission to pay when you buy Paysafecard either. The only kind of payment transaction where a fee is charged for using Paysafecard is if there is any kind of currency conversion involved. The actual amount will vary depending on the value of the payment and the actual currencies used. Full details can be found on the Paysafecard website, where you can find an up to date currency converter. There are a couple of other circumstances where charges will apply too. A monthly fee of £3 is applied if you don’t spend your card within six months of purchase, so it’s best to use your card before this point. You will also have to pay a fee if you want to cash in your card. This means that it is much better to spend it if you can, rather than to ask for the cash back. One final point to bear in mind is that cards cannot be replaced if lost – they are just like cash in this respect. But unlike cash, it is the unique 16 digit PIN which is actually valuable, not the card itself, so make sure this is kept confidential and not available for anyone else to access. Once the PIN is used, you can’t use it again even if the use was unauthorised and you still have the card. Paysafecard is a practical and inexpensive way to make payments online, including at online casinos. Look out for the Paysafecard option when you make your deposits at any Progress Play casino.