Progress Play Casino Sites Accepting Zimpler

Zimpler is a pay by phone facility that first originated in Scandinavia and is now available for us in the UK. Its simple, safe and secure and unlike other pay by phone methods it uses a debit card and not your mobile phone bill. Below is a list of Progress Play casinos accepting Zimpler.

What is Zimpler?

Zimpler is a Scandinavian electronic payment system which enables customers to use their phone to authorise payments. It is really quick and simple to use and is very popular in Sweden, where the service originates. It is also widely used throughout the rest of Scandinavia too. Recently introduced to the United Kingdom, Zimpler is always available as a payment option on Progress Play casinos. Founded in 2012, Zimpler is a relatively small company, responsible for the employment of around fifty people. Its headquarters are located in the Swedish capital city of Stockholm. It also has an additional office in Gothenburg.

Zimpler – How does it Work?

Zimpler is a Pay by Phone system which works in a similar way to other Pay by Phone services which operate in the United Kingdom, but with one major difference: your payments are deducted from your usual bank or credit card account, not charged to your phone bill as they are in the UK. It really is simple to set up – you don’t even have to register for the service in advance. The first time you use it, just click or tap on the Zimpler icon at the online checkout you wish to use. You are then asked to provide your phone number, then tap or click ‘Continue’. Next, you are sent an authorisation code by text, which you input to verify that it’s your phone and not just someone using your number. Input the code and you are then asked to input the debit or credit card number you wish to use for the payment. Tap or click ‘Pay’ and you’re done! And if that sounds simple, remember that this only applies the first time you use the service. Next time, Zimpler already knows your card details, so you can skip this step and move straight to payment. The whole process rarely takes longer than around twenty seconds. It’s amazingly quick, and secure too. Your financial details are never disclosed to the casino site owner, so it is a safe way to make your deposits at an online casino. There are no fees to pay when you use Zimpler in this way. Instead, the transaction costs are covered by the casino, who pays a small commission when accepting your payment. Zimpler customers do have the additional option of receiving a bill rather than paying directly via credit or debit card. In these cases, customers do have to pay a fee. The amount charged will depend on the size of your original payment. The minimum fee is around £1. It is a really user friendly service. This is especially the case when you need to keep to a strict budget, because you can set limits on the amount you wish to spend using Zimpler. It’s always easy to forget how much all those little purchases add up, so a pre-set limit or reminder is perfect for keeping spending under control. This is another reason why it is a particularly useful payment method to use at online casino and other gaming sites. The ability to set these limits means that you can always be in control of your gaming budget so you don’t get carried away with the excitement of all those spins. Responsible Gaming is always a priority at Progress Play casinos and this is a great way to ensure that you are always playing within your limits. Zimpler is a very convenient way to pay for players who like to play games on their phones, as it has several advantages over other Pay by Phone methods commonly used in the UK. All Pay by Phone services in operation within the United Kingdom have a daily spending limit of £30, and many also charge a hefty fee for the privilege of using the service too. Using Zimpler instead means no daily limits (other than those you can set yourself), and no fees. Now widely available in the UK, Zimpler is a really useful alternative way to pay for your play at online casinos. Look out for the Zimpler logo when you make your deposits at your favourite Progress Play casino.